Hey guys! It’s been forever since I’ve been on my blog and I thought that I could share my instagram with you guys! Follow me at Jackie.damery Hope you guys have been enjoying my blog and I hope to post soon…

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My 13th Birthday!

On October 1,2013 it was my 13th birthday! I was so excited. Teenager at last. Everyone asked me if I feel older but the truth is it feels the same as normal. Just a lot more responsibilities to have than when I was younger. But that just comes along with any age. It was the best birthday ever. All my Dennett friends and family were with me and it was just a great time.  I missed them all so much. Everyone from Dennett became my second family and they are awesome! I can hardly wait for my 14th birthday! Anyway if you know someone has a birthday coming up soon  just post a comment saying who it is and there name ( first name only). And I’ll post about it. Talk to you later!


 -Jackie <3

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Most all of you know that it’s finally SUMMER! We’ve been waiting all year for this and now it’s finally here! I’m so excited for summer vacation, like most people. So as you probably know today was the last day of school for all the kids at Dennett Elementary. I know I should be super excited but i’m not as thrilled as you might think. Here’s why… as most of you know i’m in 6th grade. And our school only goes up to 6th grade 🙁 . So as of right now I am technically a”middle school-er”. I have been at this school for 7 years ( counting kindergarten ). And I have grown up and made AMAZING friends, in this school.We are a very small town so when we go to middle school next year there’re going to be a lot more kids than all my years at Dennett. I just wanted to write this post to all the teachers at my school who have made my years at Dennett unforgettable! I have had so much fun throughout all my years here. And I will never forget you! Have a great summer everyone! 🙂


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What is it? (4)

This one might be hard but try your best!


After you guess I’ll but up the picture of what it is because from now on they will be harder.
What is it?

This is the picture I got it from…..


Do you see it now?

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What is it?

I’m going to try a new thing called ” what is it”? What I’m going to do is take a picture and zoom in so that you can’t see what it is. The your job is to guess what the picture is showing. I’m going to start off with easy ones and get harder as we go. Just write what you think it is and ill tell you if your right or not. Have fun!


What is it?

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My Favorite things!

Recently someone asked if I could write a post about my favorite things. I’m not going to add everything because that would take a really long time so here are a few of my favorite things…

1) Roller coasters

2) Music

3) Helicopters

4) My teachers

5) Spongebob

6) Basketball ( sports)

7) Drawing

8) Chillin’ with my friends

9) The hunger games

10) Family

That’s enough for now otherwise this list would go on FOREVER…. Because I have so many favorite things.

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